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People Scope:

Integrity at the core


One of the main reasons our clients remain with us long-term is that the same Optima communicators are working with their customers long-term as well. At Optima, we make sure this continuity leads to learning, which in turn leads to better business results. Good communicators are hard to find, so when we get them, we do our best to keep them. Many of our people have been with us for more than 10 years, some from the day we first began.

We provide the training but it’s our people who provide the passion. This is passion tempered with the critical human nuances that get sales results while protecting and even improving the perception of your brand in the marketplace.

We’re proud of our people and we will not use models or stock photography on our website.

Our People Scope strategies are:

Knowing we can train for almost any skill, we recruit and deploy staff based on qualities that go beyond skill and training. We identify people with the right stuff, by our definition, and assign them the right task and responsibilities. We look for diversity to match what we’re seeing in our clients’ customer bases and we seek characteristics that are very difficult to teach: empathy, tact and genuine enthusiasm.
Our communicators need to go beyond the sales script. Through collaboration with clients and their customers, our people are trained to translate product features into benefits that address real customer needs, learning from every customer contact and growing their role in every way.
Our managers do more than supervise our staff. Almost all of them have risen from staff positions at Optima, making it easier to provide the right kind of constructive feedback. Hands-on coaching, the interactive exchange of ideas and an emphasis on continuous improvement provide our communicators with the all inspiration they need.