Optima has more than 30 years of continuity and growth. Continuity in client relationships and in our staff. We believe this is unique in the contact center business. Let us show you what this continuity means for you.”

DON MACLEOD – President

Who We Are

Founded in 1992, Optima is a business services provider specializing in complex customer service outsourcing with a focus on utilities and financial services.

Over the years, Optima has developed a reputation for excellence in our target industries. By the numbers, that’s 15-20 core clients with an average tenure of 15 years. We operate as both sole service provider and as compliment to in-house resources and offer on-site, hybrid, work from home service models.

Obviously, solutions for each client vary according to their specific needs. But what every client gets is a committed Optima team that builds and maintains optimal relationships from the moment customers or prospects pick up the phone, open a web-chat, or send an email. We continuously build on our success by learning from each day’s customer interaction.

100% of Optima staff is located within North America.

Our Mission

Optima Communications is dedicated
to being the best at delivering optimum results
through quality customer contact
with value-added servicing to a select a group
of long-term clients.

What We Do

In the simplest terms, we help clients find, connect with, retain, and grow relationships with customers through interactive channels and multiple touch points. We do this maintaining, and even growing, your brand integrity.

General customer support

Account/billing inquiries

Product enrollment

Tier 1 tech support


Customer Surveys/Research

…and many more

Customer acquisition




Lead generation

First-party collections

Online forms processing

Return mail handling


Specialized fulfillment
& written correspondence

Business Service Channels

We are omnichannel
















Benefits of Specialization

  1. We recruit and develop staff to become licensed Life, Accident & Sickness insurance agents. We can train our people (or recruit new ones) for virtually any industry, whether it involves complex products & services, or not.
  2. Regulated industry clients demand extreme vigilance in written correspondence and fulfillment. They also require a strong administrative back office and payment processing. Optima provides this service level to our current clients. Any business—including yours—can benefit from it.
  3. Our financial services clients have required us to deliver validated bank-class security, in both technology and procedures, for over 30 years. We provide the same level of security to all clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Increase sales results.
  2. Improve customer service metrics and scalability.
  3. Measurable cost savings.

What Our Clients Say

“Optima is a true partner, seamlessly integrating as part of our operations, with a drive for performance that consistently exceeds expectations.”

Director, Customer Care, major Canadian energy utility

“I have heard many outsourcers use the word ‘partnership’ before, but after working with Optima, I truly believe that they are 100% committed to what is best for our company!”

VP Sales, Canadian telecommunications company

“We’re committed to customer service that is straight-forward, human and knowledgeable–that’s what Optima delivers day after day. And for years now.”

Senior VP, major Canadian bank

“We can always count on Optima to deliver a consistent high quality of service, meet our service metrics and be a true partner.”

Associate Director, Client Services, major financial services corp.

“Your team bent over backwards for us . . . I am writing to thank your team (BIG TIME!) for the quick and decisive action taken to satisfy our needs.”

Marketing & Sales Executive, major financial services corp.

“Hats off to the Optima Team! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for working so hard to make our recent campaign such a success. Together, our leaders and the Optima team continue to raise the bar higher and higher. As a result, this was one of our biggest seasonal campaigns ever!”

VP, Direct Distribution, major life insurance company

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