Our Tree of Diversity

March 21, 2022

tree of diversity

Diversity is not a new idea at Optima. It’s something we grew into—almost the way a tree grows. When we began in 1992, our recruiting philosophy was simply that we would be an Equal Opportunity Employer. At the time, it wasn’t completely clear what the term meant. So we recruited candidates with the best ability and attitude and didn’t worry about anything else. This became our definition of what an Equal Opportunity Employer was.

In very short order, Optima became ethnically diverse, disability diverse and diverse in ways we couldn’t see. Not because we tried to be. Simply because the people we hired from diverse communities had more ability and more motivation than the other candidates they were competing against. Today, it’s fair to say Optima is more diverse than Canada, at all staff levels. The result is a workplace culture of rich diversity and inclusion that everyone benefits from.

Optima’s Promise

Our experience has been that if we provide all our candidates for employment with equal opportunity, both before and after hiring, diversity takes care of itself. Our collective differences end up making us stronger as an organization.

Everyone is welcome and respected here at Optima. Everyone can be their authentic selves. Everyone has the opportunity to grow tall, branch out and flourish based on their own talents and motivation.