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The Scope of Our Work:

How it benefits our clients

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microscopeOver 25 years, Optima has evolved to become a specialist within the regulated industries of banking, insurance and utilities. This focus is an obvious benefit to clients in similar regulated industries, but it also provides distinct benefits to prospective clients in many other industries and categories.

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  1. Optima recruits and develops its staff to become licensed Life and Property & Casualty sales agents, and can develop its people (or recruit new ones) for virtually any industry, whether it involves technically-complex products & services, or not.
  2. Regulated industry clients have required Optima to deliver bank-class security, in both technology and procedures, for over 25 years. This is how Optima can provide the same level of security to all clients.
  3. Regulated industry clients demand extreme vigilance in written correspondence and ongoing fulfillment. They also require a strong administrative back office and payment processing. Optima has this discipline, and any business—including yours—can benefit from it.

Our 25-year-plus history helps our technology team as much, or more, than any functional group at Optima It has allowed our IT to grow over time in the way that best supports the requirements of our clients. And we believe our most important IT assets are the people running it. Here’s how we address the IT issues we know are most important to you:

  1. Security & Compliance
    All our sites and internal networks practice bank-level security—security based on hardware, software and practices that have surpassed the ever-evolving scrutiny of our bank clients for decades. Our colocation center’s redundancy extends from infrastructure utilities and building security to internet connectivity. The latter is handled completely through a private fiber optic network.
  2. Customization & Seamless Integration
    Through experience, our in-house ability to quickly and cost-effectively customize both contact centre applications and reporting to your unique needs is second to none. Seamlessly integrating with your IT network is even more important. There’s an art and a science to this and because we’ve seen the full spectrum of client IT sophistication, we can handle it all.
  3. Scalability
    Some of our clients have grown modestly, some very quickly and most somewhere in between. From this we’ve learned to achieve absolute application and network scalability by matching the right hardware, program customization and people.