client meeting participant in Optima boardroom
clients in Optima boardroom meeting

client participant in Optima boardroom meeting

Client Scope:

The truest measure of our success

What We Can Say About Our Clients

  • They include the largest banks, insurance companies and utilities
  • They stay with Optima for 5, 10, 15 years and longer
  • They are driven by their shareholders to seek value and results—and would not stay with us if they were not getting both
  • After working with us for an initial period, 90% find more work for us to take over
  • Upon request, they will speak on our behalf with enthusiasm

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Optima is a true partner, seamlessly integrating as part of our operations, with a drive for performance that consistently exceeds expectations.”
QUOTE #1: Director, Customer Care Division, major Canadian energy utility
“We can always count on Optima to deliver a consistent high quality of service, meet our service metrics and be a true partner.”
QUOTE #2: Associate Director, Client Services Support, major financial services corporation
“Your team bent over backwards for us . . . I am writing to thank your team (BIG TIME!) for the quick and decisive action taken to satisfy our needs.”
QUOTE #3: Marketing & Sales Executive, major Canadian insurer
“We’re committed to customer service that is straight-forward, human and knowledgeable – that’s what Optima delivers day after day. And for years now.”
QUOTE #4: Senior Vice-President, major Canadian bank
“Hats off to the Optima Team:
I want to personally thank each and every one of you for working so hard to make our recent campaign such a success. Together, our leaders and the Optima team continue to raise the bar higher and higher. As a result, this was one of our biggest seasonal campaigns ever!”
QUOTE #5: VP, Direct Distribution, major life insurance company
“I have heard many outsourcers use the word ‘partnership’ before, but after working with Optima, I truly believe that they are 100% committed to what is best for our company!”
QUOTE #6: VP Sales, Canadian telecommunications company